Urbanism & Transportation New Digest – Vol 2.16

This digest is a weekly aggregation of urban issues, planning, and transportation news/articles from Canada, the US, and around the world. The links below are provided for informational purposes and as think/debate pieces. Their contents may not reflect the opinion of the curator.


Picks of the Week

1.      Confronting the New Urban Crisis - In this excerpt from his new book, Richard Florida explains how “winner-take-all urbanism” has deepened inequality, segregation, and poverty—and what cities can do about it.

2.      The Economist - How not to create traffic jams, pollution and urban sprawl - Don’t let people park for free

3.      Latitude of European cities compared to North America

4.      Is consciousness just an illusion?

5.      Political Will vs Political Won’t

6.      How Apple's Headquarters Got More Parking Spaces Than Employee Spaces

7.      New International Survey by Service Works Group and Partnerships Bulletin / P3 Bulletin Reveals Trends in Operational Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Projects

8.      Toronto Housing

a.      Globe editorial: How to pop Toronto’s housing bubble, without blowing up the economy

b.      Ontario must protect Greenbelt as population pressure increases

c.       Ontario’s anti-sprawl restrictions not a factor in housing shortage: government

d.      Why we should give up on the detached home dream

9.      Why suburban tensions and inequality will drive infrastructure innovation

10.  Identifying a Province-wide Cycling Network


Reports/Papers/Detailed Analysis

11.  "Sharing economy" or on-demand service economy? A survey of workers and consumers in the Greater Toronto Area

12.  Spreadsheets are people too: statistics and reality


Opportunities/New Projects/Developments [generally in the GTHA]

13.  Metrolinx: expect GO buses [on Kitchener Line] until rail lines ready around 2024

14.  Introducing Bloor Promenade at Tridel's Islington Terrace

15.  Toronto is getting a stunning new downtown park

16.  Request for Qualifications Issued for Highway 401 Expansion Project

17.  New Eaton Centre Bridge Begins Construction This Month

18.  Lakeshore East Rail Corridor Expanding for GO RER, SmartTrack

19.  "Transit City": Plans Revealed for York Region's Tallest Building


General Transportation/Urban Planning/Economics

20.  The Traffic Safety Establishment Needs to Take More Responsibility for Soaring Pedestrian Deaths

21.  The Science of Fleeing a Mass-Transit Emergency

22.  Can Public Transit Run on Solar Power?

23.  Is Your Local Government Falling for the Hyperloop Fantasy?


Toronto & Ontario

24.  UberPOOL Launches in Scarborough and Brampton

25.  It’s truly amazing what’s grown out of Larry Zacharko’s backyard

26.  Toronto Foundation – Income Distribution across the City



27.  Ottawa keeps tight lid on airport-privatization report details, its costs

28.  Bank of Canada unveils new $10 banknote for Canada 150 celebrations

29.  Canada Infrastructure Bank – FAQ from Gov’t of Canada

30.  Five things to know about the Canadian Free Trade Agreement



31.  U.S. has 40% more shopping space per capita than Canada, 5x more the the UK, and 10x more than Germany



32.  Why Mexico City Has Counterflow Bus Lanes