Urbanism & Transportation New Digest – Vol 2.17

This digest is a weekly aggregation of urban issues, planning, and transportation news/articles from Canada, the US, and around the world. The links below are provided for informational purposes and as think/debate pieces. Their contents may not reflect the opinion of the curator.

Picks of the Week

1.      Toronto does transit governance different than virtually every other jurisdiction in North America

2.      The findings of the largest distracted driving study will make you think twice. 3.1M drivers, 570M trips, 5.6B mi

3.      It appears the GTHA is running out of land for new homes after all - ANALYSIS: As politicians try to assign blame for the too-hot housing market, a new report suggests the region has less developable land remaining than anyone thought

4.      GO Station Parking Lots: Missed Opportunities To Urbanize

5.      How Gender Bias Corrupts Performance Reviews, and What to Do About It

6.      A more detailed look at where people live. A comparison of the density of some European capital cities.

7.      Maybe Government Data Shouldn’t Always Be Free

8.      TfL - 10 Healthy Streets Indicators

9.      Built-up area, Toronto CMA at 1971, 1991, 2001 and 2011

10.  On Megaregions – Dr David Levinson

11.  See that tiny dot between Saturn's rings? That's Earth, as captured by the Cassini mission on April 12


MaaS & AVs

12.  Mobility-as-a-Service and overcoming the issues to get Critical MaaS

13.  Apple secures permit to test autonomous vehicles in California

14.  Uber Is Losing Historic Amounts Of Money

15.  Uber Shows How Not to Apply Behavioral Economics

16.  Canada’s Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP) invests in Lyft


Reports/Papers/Detailed Analysis

17.  Transit Fare Integration: Lessons for Toronto from Around the World

18.  Fair Benefits Fairly Delivered - A Review of the Auto Insurance System in Ontario


Opportunities/New Projects/Developments [generally in the GTHA]

19.  Ottawa approves 2nd phase of LRT

20.  John Street transformation to receive $40 million in funding

21.  CMHC – Rental Construction Financing


General Transportation/Urban Planning/Economics

22.  Stadium economics is such a scam that they can't even get real economists to do it any more

23.  World population by latitude & longitude by Radicalcartography

24.  Fastest Growing Commute Mode Since 2000: No Commute at All

25.  The Suburbs Will Lose the Most in an Era of Shrinking Retail


Toronto & Ontario

26.  ON Gov’t announces measures to cool the housing market (Gov’t release - here)

27.  TTC New Streetcar revised deployment schedule

28.  LORINC: Why the Libs’ planning mistakes are fuelling the GTA’s real estate madness

29.  About 12% of Toronto CMA condo projects get cancelled

30.  66% of TTC subway delays are caused by passengers


Montreal & Quebec

31.  Montreal to test out 3 new pedestrian-only streets

32.  62% des Montréalais sont contre l'utilisation d'argent public pour financer un stade de basebal



33.  TD Econ on Can Infra Bank legislation: 'a good trade-off between bank flexibility and government oversight'

34.  Passenger rail policy – Not a world class act in Canada



35.  American energy use, in one diagram - How much energy we use, what kind, and how much is wasted.

36.  Why the Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction Has Got to Go

37.  This Steve Ballmer project to really investigate how the US govt spends money is amazing



38.  Zoomable world population density map

39.  China’s high speed rail is one third US price and half of Europe price but still too expensive for other countries


For fun/other

40.  It's True, Hot Baths Burn Calories - Why calorie counting is almost useless and often misleading

41.  An Engineer Explains Why You Should Always Order the Larger Pizza

42.  Author Katrina Onstad on how to reclaim your weekends

43.  Apple planning to release new-look iPhone this fall for 10th anniversary