Urbanism & Transportation New Digest – Vol 2.19

This digest is a weekly aggregation of urban issues, planning, and transportation news/articles from Canada, the US, and around the world. The links below are provided for informational purposes and as think/debate pieces. Their contents may not reflect the opinion of the curator.


Picks of the Week

1.      On Benefit / Cost Analysis And Project Selection In Transport

2.      Inside the New Suburban Crisis

3.      The Yellowbelt - A brief look at stable 'hoods in the city of Toronto

4.      Toronto’s five decades of condo growth, mapped

5.      Toronto's Local Appeals Body Coming Into Effect May 3

6.      US and Canada placed on top of Europe, but kept at same latitudes Stockholm as far north as remote places of Canada NYC is south of Rome

7.      Changes could be coming for municipal class EAs

8.      Ontario's Fair Housing Plan Fails To Identify The Real Offenders

9.      The Backfire Effect – the Oatmeal - You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you…

10.  Talk. Listen. Learn. Look after each other

11.  Maps! - City’s analysis of new census data is available here


MaaS, AVs, and EVs

12.  Beyond Speculation Automated Vehicles and Public Policy

13.  Bridj Collapses After Just 3 Years

14.  New York, pave the way for Uberized bus companies like Chariot

15.  Don’t look now but even buses are going autonomous (in Reno)

16.  The Self-Driving Dilemma

17.  Justice Department begins criminal probe into Uber's use of software to help drivers evade local regulators


 Reports/Papers/Detailed Analysis

18.  City of Toronto’s 2017-2021 “Vision Zero” plan

19.  Canada Census – Release of Age & Sex and Type of Dwelling Data

20.  If you're interested in laneway housing in Toronto, this is an excellent study

21.  Making Cents of Ontario’s Rent Regulation: Assessing the Financial Impact of Rent Control & Developer Incentives

22.  Not So Fast - A Study of Traffic Delays, Access, and Economic Activity in the San Francisco Bay Area


Opportunities/New Projects/Developments [generally in the GTHA]

23.  Ports Toronto announces sale of head-office at 30 Bay to Oxford & CPPIB THC building to be restored & maintained

24.  Toronto-Dominion joins other banks in seeking Toronto office space

25.  Port Credit: 72-Acre Imperial Oil Site Slated for Development

26.  4 new bike lanes for Toronto in 2017

27.  Second 55-Storey Tower Planned for Vaughan's 'Transit City'

28.  215 Lake Shore East rendering

29.  Winnipeg launches Eastern Corridor transit study


 General Transportation/Urban Planning/Economics

30.  How the Affordable Care Act drove down personal bankruptcies


 Toronto & Ontario

31.  A Contrary View of Ontario’s 2017 Budget

32.  The city as it is built now, as it exists, as it has become successful is pretty much illegal by today’s standards

33.  GTAA first quarter results: Toronto Pearson sees largest first quarter passenger volume growth in its history

34.  If you're interested in GTA greenfield land-use planning, watch this Don Givens of ‪MGPpresentation


 Montreal & Quebec

35.  Montreal unveils design for $67-million outdoor public space downtown



36.  Federal government outlines plan for controversial parliamentary reform

37.  As Home Capital Crisis Deepens, Some Talk Openly Of Canada-Wide ‘Contagion'

38.  Census 2016: Canadian cities are turning into condo jungle



39.   California is about to revolutionize climate policy … again - The state’s cap-and-trade program would be replaced by a new, sleeker one.

41.  Half a century to update NY Subway’s aging infrastructure

42.  The Arrogance of Blue America

43.  US housing wealth is growing for the oldest and wealthiest Americans, at the expense of everybody else

44.  Columbus Just Launched a Completely Redesigned Bus Network

45.  What 280 Miles of Scaffolding Mean for NYC Pedestrians



46.  Greater Manchester mayor could change 'insane' bus system

47.  Brazil is bigger than you might think

48.  Watch all the trains in Netherlands running on live map


 For fun/other

49.  Transport Canada Recall – AT-ATs (Some May the 4th humour)

50.  Philosophy Explained With Donuts

51.  Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ridiculous [Champions League] Statistics