Integrated Planning Digest – Vol.2, Issue #26 – Wk. of Jun 23 2017

This digest is a weekly aggregation of urban issues, planning, and transportation news/articles from Canada, the US, and around the world. The links below are provided for informational purposes and as think/debate pieces. Their contents may not reflect the opinion of the curator.


Picks of the Week

1.      What the stunning new park at Ontario Place looks like

2.      The Science Is Clear: More Highways Equals More Traffic. Why Are DOTs Still Ignoring It?

3.      Does Canada need a federal infrastructure agency?

4.      Take a look at the transformation of Toronto's skyline from 1880 to today

5.      Pluto might be a planet again. Let’s talk about why this matters.

6.      Toronto to move forward with proposed rules on Airbnb-style rentals

7.      Why Looking at Crash Stats Alone Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story About Pedestrian Safety

8.      Excellent overview of the Infrastructure Bank by Senator Sabi Marwah, former Vice-Chair and COO of Scotiabank

9.      The case for bicycles' inevitable triumph over cars

10.  It was all just hype: China’s ‘straddling bus’ dream reaches end of the line with test site to be dismantled

11.  OP-ED: Will Canadian Infrastructure Bank lead to more privatization?

12.  Mario Kart Tours Turn Heads in Japan


MaaS, AVs, and EVs

13.  Stop everything! Silicon Valley just invented... the bus

14.  Who Should Replace Travis Kalanick, and Why?


 Reports/Papers/Detailed Analysis

15.  Ministry review of the Gardiner Expressway and Lake Shore Boulevard East reconfiguration environmental assessment


Opportunities/New Projects/Developments [generally in the GTHA]

16.  Ontario begins GO rail electrification assessment process

17.  New Gardiner Off-Ramp Takes Shape Following Teardown

18.  Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Starting To Look Like It's a Thing

19.  Construction begins on new bus terminal at Union Station

20.  Proposed megaproject at Bloor-Dundas aims to build ‘urban neighbourhood’

21.  Waterfront Toronto

a.      Union Station Rail Corridor Project (for information)

b.      Gardiner East Public Realm Plan


General Transportation/Urban Planning/Economics

22.  Downzoning won’t make housing cheaper

23.  Overcoming Density Opponents by Listening to Them

24.  You can’t judge housing affordability without knowing transportation costs

25.  It's Time to Change How We Measure Affordable Housing


 Toronto & Ontario

26.  Mayor Tory announces the Toronto “Smart Streets Plan”

27.   NY Times - What Toronto’s amazing food can tell us about the country’s resistance to far-right populism.

28.  Toronto vacant homes tax could be hard to enforce, city officials say

29.  Taxis should get special treatment under King St. pilot project, cab companies say

30.  Did you know that all of Toronto's bike lanes are on a Google map?

31.  The TorontolLife crackhouse dad wrote a 10,000 word rebuttal and it's really something

32.  Ontario Capping Rent Increases at 1.8 Per Cent for Tenants in 2018



33.  New CATSA airport screening process lets multiple people load up bins at once. Means faster ones can then leapfrog

34.  Edmonton unveils draft plan to overhaul city’s entire transit network



35.  In New York City, Bike Share Is Faster Than Cabs When It Matters

36.  Los Angeles Metro to Go Fully Electric by 2030

37.  Rural America Is Stranded in the Dial-Up Age



38.  Chinese bike-share firm closes after 90 per cent of cycles stolen


For fun/other

39.  Hubble Captures Massive Dead Disk Galaxy that Challenges Theories of Galaxy Evolution

40.  A healthy workplace "isn’t just about pushing people to maximum productivity all the time." Evolving office design 

41.  Miss those choose-your-own-adventure books? Netflix is bringing it back in their new interactive experiment.

42.  Your vitamin D tests and supplements are probably a waste of money