Integrated Planning Digest – Vol.2, Issue #29 – Wk. of Jul 14 2017

This digest is a weekly aggregation of urban issues, planning, and transportation news/articles from Canada, the US, and around the world. The links below are provided for informational purposes and as think/debate pieces. Their contents may not reflect the opinion of the curator.

Picks of the Week

1.      Outside the echo-chamber of commerce: Why a $15 minimum wage is good for Ontario

2.      Flying Taxis Or Futuristic Tunnels Won’t Save Us From The Misery Of Traffic

3.      TTC urged to look elsewhere for new streetcars after Bombardier delay

4.      Urban design in the time of climate change: making a friend of floods

5.      Community Markets: The Impacts on Public Space

6.      Mission control, but for transit: a look at the TTC's Transit Control Unit

7.      Toronto & East York contributes 40% of tax rev, North York 25%, Etobicoke 20%, Scarborough 15%

8.      Does Commercial Zoning Increase Neighborhood Crime?

9.      Greener City Streets Aren't Just About Traffic. They're About Rainwater, Too.

10.  Toronto’s amazing TTC Lego collection continues to grow


MaaS, AVs, and EVs

11.  How Nearly 20,000 Drivers Could Change Uber


Reports/Papers/Detailed Analysis

12.  TTC Board “Discovers” Cost of Bloor-Danforth Subway Renovation

13.  You know that factoid about 65% of kids working in jobs not yet invented? Here's the sixty year history

14.  OSMnx: New methods for acquiring, constructing, analyzing, and visualizing complex street networks

15.  CCPA - Who Benefits From a $15 Minimum Wage?


Opportunities/New Projects/Developments [generally in the GTHA]

16.  Ontario Place: Province Invites Development Proposals


General Transportation/Urban Planning/Economics

17.  Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: Report card of a year-long comparison

18.  Google Maps Has Shifted Focus Toward Destinations And Away From Roads

19.  Canada needs a raise, not a higher interest rate

20.  Canada - Clean Green Machines


Toronto & Ontario

21.  City Launches Planning Study, Public Meetings for Golden Mile

22.  TTC looks to boost cash for cabs to keep up with soaring Wheel-Trans usage

23.  Mapping the flood vulnerability of the Toronto Islands

24.  Govt releases regional breakdown on foreign buyers

25.  Toronto is having a park boom and people are taking

26.  Adult kids living at home is perfectly natural — and a troubling sign

27.  Anyone up for building a hyperloop under Lake Ontario?


Montreal & Quebec

28.  N/A 



29.  Tech sector growth map of Canada – Top 250 ICT firms added

30.  Julie Payette appears poised to launch into Governor General role

31.  Edmonton adopts new transit strategy 



32.  NY - No, Your Kid Can't Have My Subway Seat

33.  Animated gif of transit commuting by decade in Dallas

34.  When Your State DOT Starts Talking About “Relieving Congestion,” Alarms Should Go Off



35.  Japan’s trains are in a league of their own. Japan’s subculture of train fanatics is no different.

36.  A New Crossrail Map Has Been Released


For fun/other

37.  Andy Serkis Reading President Trump's Tweets as Gollum is a Bit Too Perfect